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Full Service Investment Products

It may surprise you to know Great Nation offers much more than church related investments. Our Registered Representatives are fully licensed securities agents and are qualified to offer a broad range of investment vehicles in order to serve your investment needs and objectives.

Corporate Stocks and Bonds

We can execute virtually any exchange traded stock or bond. More importantly, we offer a long-term stock investment strategy that offers current dividend income with potential for appreciation year after year. If you are concerned about safety, this strategy selects only the largest companies in America that are included in the DOW JONES Industrial 30 Index. We recommend this strategy for clients able to establish an initial account balance of $100,000 or more. For more information about this strategy, including the risks and considerations, call today. Or, if you would like information for buying or selling individual stocks or bonds through Great Nation, we are simply a phone call away!

Mutual Funds

Great Nation offers many of the most popular and well known mutual funds in America today. We will help you select a mutual fund tailored to your specific investment objectives, risk tolerance and financial position!

IRA’s, SEP’s and Tax Deferred Vehicles

When planning for retirement, educational savings or some other tax-advantaged vehicle, isn’t it comforting to know your Great Nation Agent is there to discuss or explain many tax-advantaged opportunities available, how they can help you and, very importantly, how and where to establish or obtain them.